According to the United Nations, critical data and effective leadership for global, regional and national sustainable development are still lacking.

We want to change that!

We can do this without governments – and will. We can’t do it without you.

India’s younger, media-saturated generations grow up knowing little about their country or severity of global emergencies, but a lot about the elites of a few metros and towns. For a narrowly-owned, commercially-driven media, the dumbing down of a nation is part of standard operating procedure.

We, included. needs your help to pull off this most ambitious of global policy and action lab endeavours.


  1. The We, included. aims to position a network of change-makers, most of which will be working in-and-on the areas which are untouched by the government and society.
    The network would basically comprise of Young Leaders, Researchers, Policy Makers, Reporters, Writers, Filmmakers, or Photographers and everyday residents of the regions themselves.
  2. Across a span of time, We, included. will generate text reports, audio stories, videos, documentary films, photographs, music and ‘talking albums’ on the everyday lives of everyday people – from every part of the world. A database that will be truly representative of the global community, particularly of millions of unheard citizens. Of their labour, crafts, stories, art and more. With the network of these change agents, we aim to build, reflect and work on the grassroots level for the environmental, social, and economical domains of the planet. Many stories and project interventions will be shared and done directly with the help with everyday people themselves. Among other legacies, this will give generations of students, all our children, living textbooks on the world around them. And give the world itself a repository the like of which it has never seen.


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